Charles River Capital

About the Firm

Charles River Capital is a leading independent investment manager with more than 12 years of experience, built on 3 pillars: Philosophy, Processes and Team.

We are Value Investors focused on two lines of business:

Charles River’s asset management business is focused on equity fund management with more than 12 years of consistently delivering investment results for our clients.

Applying the Value Investing philosophy, we diligently perform independent fundamental analysis of companies to identify investments whose market prices trade substantially below our conservative estimates of their intrinsic value (significant margins of safety). Conservative estimates of intrinsic value result in investment opportunities with high conviction of positive return asymmetries and excellent risk-return profiles

We seek to consistently deliver superior returns over the long-term, resulting from the integration of a proven effective investment philosophy, rigorous structured processes, and a dedicated experienced team aligned with our investors.

12+ years
track record
1 investment
1,106% return since inception
R$ 721.5 M NAV
Charles River FIA
Updated 05/22/2024

Charles River’s wealth management business serves a select group of individuals and family groups.

Total alignment with our clients is made certain by an independent team focused on delivering excellence.

We manage exclusive funds with more than R$ 2.2 B of assets with a discretionary mandate to invest long-term in different asset classes, via direct investments and co-investment vehicles.

Our History

Creating value since 2011

Creation of Charles River Investment Club 2011
Establishment of the asset management company Charles River Capital 2013
Charles River Investment Club converted into Charles River FIA 2014
Our Wealth Management business is established 2015
Charles River FIA receives a 5-star rating from Morningstar 2020
Charles River FIA cumulative return passes 500% 2020
Charles River FIA cumulative return passes 1,000% 2023

We are defined by our Principles

5 principles guide everything that we do



Our qualified team strives to continuously improve everything we do. We believe that the pursuit of excellence in all that we do is key to achieving consistent results over time.



We place high value in making sure that our analysis and decisions are driven by facts, reason, and logic. Informed decisions mitigate risks, especially those deriving from behavioral biases, and thus are integral for achieving the goal of maximizing the risk-return relationship of our investments.

Dialectical Processes

Dialectical Processes

The formation of our analysis and of our decision-making is based on dialectical processes. We seek, through reasoned argumentation, to converge distinct ideas and concepts, in order to achieve a result which minimizes human biases, takes advantage of the group’s collective knowledge, and thus, is more secure. We believe that the dialectical method is capable of leading us to make better decisions, with a significant impact on the mitigation of risks inherent to our business.



We pride ourselves on always acting with integrity, honesty, respect and professionalism in all that we do. Our commitment to the highest ethical standards is enduring.

Human Capital

Human Capital

Our team is our most important asset. Without our people, it wouldn’t be possible to put into practice any of the previous principles. We work to maintain an environment conducive to attracting, retaining, and developing talent which shares our values and identifies with our culture of excellence, primacy of reason, collaboration, and integrity. To maintain our team’s alignment with our principles and clients, we extend invitations to individuals who have consistently made significant contributions to join as partners in the firm.

Highly qualified, aligned, and dedicated team

Our culture is based on excellence, collaboration, diligence, and meritocracy

Founding Partners

Camilo Marcantonio
Joaquim Pedro Mello

Asset Management

Ruan Pires
Felipe Hatem, CFA
Pedro Deus
Pedro Fischel, CFA
Victor Vidal
Pedro Cavalcante
Angelino Dantas
Gabriel Correa
Rodolfo Costa
Guilherme Ferrari

Wealth Management

Adrian Cardoso
Pedro Cannabrava
Joyce Pereira
Fernando Silva
Gabriel Dias, CFA
Pedro Henrique Novis
Gabriel Martins
Sidnei Paulino
Gustavo Ferreira
Henrique Lamas

Investor Relations

Edward Brady, CFA
João Pedro Carvalho

Risk & Compliance

Jéssica Aragão, CFA
Saulo Maia
Bruno Freitas


Fernando Azevedo
Júlia Guimarães
Raiza Marques